tirsdag 28. august 2007

Inspiration & Project

I am incredibly fascinated by the way designers, (f.ex. Scott Robertson, Feng Zhu, Syd Mead, Herald Belker and Mark Goerner) vary over a theme, and detailing, in their creative process towards a concept or product.
I think it would be a nice challenge for me, during this project, to try to gain some of the skills these concept designers have. I would have to search for literature written on detail sketching, on where to look for inspiration etc., etc. I know that there are a couple of really good artistic inspirational methods that these guys use. I will try them out an see if they work for me, and find out why they eventually work.


Some ideas for my project:

- Find and try out methods of creativity in the making of a portfolio.

- Find and try out methods for boosting creativity while detaildesigning a concept design. (Landscape, spaceship, car, etc.)

- Explore which effect the surroundings has on the designer in a creative situation. (Office/School, at home, in the park, at a café, on the bus/train etc.)


  • Creativity is the ability to solve problems that are worth solving. It is the ability to create knowledge. Creativity is subject-specific: it is the meta-knowledge of how to solve a specific class of problems. So there is no such thing as “raw”, undifferentiated creativity. (http://www.tcs.ac/)

  • One can define creativity as the mental phenomena, skills and/or tools capable of originating (and subsequently developing) innovation, inspiration or insight. Pop psychology generally may associate it with right or forehead brain activity or even specifically with lateral thinking. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creativity)