tirsdag 18. september 2007

Design games

Today we finished our second Tuesday of trying out design games. A woman named Eva Brandt held the lectures and she introduced the methods. The first day we discussed the differences between creativity and problem solving. After this discussion she split us in groups and let us try one of the design games that she had developed. The games was about identifying and/or understanding a user of some product or a user performing a task. At the end of this day Eva gave the groups an assignment to make our own design games.

My group, me, Erik and Jegaard, made a game called "Hybridesigner". The game was all about designing hybrids that consisted of the content on three cards that you had picked from a stack of cards. The cards were of three different categories; Nature, Artefact and Adjectives. The group that played our game liked it. They said it was mostly fun to play it, and with some changes it could be used as a design tool.

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