tirsdag 4. september 2007

"Absence" with Mikkel McAlinden

Today we visited Mikkel McAlinden and his latest exhibition "Absence" at Galleri K. McAlinden is a well known photographer and you can see his earlier works at mikkelmcalinden.com or the "absence" pictures at galleriK.com. The intention of this visit was to try to get an understanding of an artists creativ process.

We were asked to reflect and comment on some of the experiences we had at the exhibition. I have two things that I would like to comment:

1. When asked if he had any methods that he used when searching for good ideas, he told us about a technic that a friend of his had named "joggingart". Its idea beeing that you in all situations forced yourself into producing art. So as a photographer you should always take pictures, even though you dont have a specific idea or meaning behind it. The art or products of this "joggingart" doesn't need to be of any quality.

I liked this idea so much that I would like to add it as a "rule" for my project. This means that I have to produce something every day this semester, even though I'm out of ideas, inspiration or even energy.

2. McAlinden told that it would be clever to change our way of viewing a piece of art. Instead of seeing a picture, or walking at a museum while deciding if it is good or bad art, we should decide whether we liked the experience of it or not. He suggested that we could f.ex. change the name of "the museum of art" into "the museum of experiences". The experience was what he saw as the most important thing when going to an exhibition. When making his own pictures he played the role as a viewer and tried to make the best out of the experience.

I was a bit astonished by how great an idea this was; making Art (experiences) for the viewers in stead of making it for yourself. I'm pretty sure I will have a different view of the art when I am visiting Astrup Fearnley this Sunday.

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